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For a Nozzle Holder (DWK)

Venturi Nozzles DWK
Section: Straight Cone
Entrance 1"
Alluminium Casing with a Flange
Attaching to the hose with the help of a nozzle holder

TypeDiameter dEntranceLenght L
DWK 6/1406 mm24 mm140 mm
DWK 8/1408 mm24 mm140 mm
DWK 8/1658 mm24 mm165 mm
DWK 10/16510 mm24 mm165 mm
DWK 12/16512 mm24 mm165 mm
DWK 12/165 B12 mm26 mm165 mm

The DWK type nozzles can be made according to the requirements of the customer with a wider cone - 27 mm - for a higher productivity.

DWK (3D Model)

DWK (2D Drawing)